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Print / Print Management / Logistics

Roadside : Rail : Underground : Road Transport : Airports

All artworks supplied are checked for resolution and to ensure the 'safe' area has been adhered to. A pdf proof is then generated for client sign off . We always recommend a colour matchproof should be supplied so that colour work can be matched on press.


Whether is short run digital or long run litho, we manage projects across all large print formats and substrates from 96sheets & 48sheets for both paper and Backlights through to 6sheet back printing and smaller.


This also includes public transport media from Bus "T" Sides, Supersides though to Lower Rears plus many Rail formats and in particular the London Underground 'Cross Track'  96sheets , 48sheets , 16sheets, Tube cards and Escalator panels.  

We work across a number of different substrates depending on the media requirement and can run certain formats as 'spot' colour if requested ensuring a perfect brand colour-match. 

Finally we co-ordinate logistics ensuring prompt and safe delivery of all finished printed products 


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